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Do firebreaks prevent fires from starting?

A firebreak will not prevent a fire from starting in the oxygen tubing or delivery accessory (mask or nasal cannula). It is therefore important that there is no relaxation of any other risk controls applied to reduce the risk of fire. What a firebreak is intended to do is to extinguish a fire that tracks back … Read more

How often should the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve be replaced?

The Firesafe™ Cannula Valve has an intended life of 5 years from the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is laser engraved on the side of the device. A device should be replaced when the 5 year intended life has elapsed. *If any Firesafe™ product appears damaged it should be replaced. • Instructions for … Read more

Will the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve fit directly to standard oxygen delivery tube? 

It is important to use the preferred connectors when assembling the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve into an oxygen delivery circuit.  The international standard (ISO 13544-2 – Respiratory Therapy Tubing and Connectors) prescribes exact dimensions for the barb connector on ‘male’ oxygen therapy connectors. The corresponding ‘female’ flexible connectors (or ‘trumpet connectors’) have been designed by patient … Read more

Where should firebreaks be installed?

We recommend two firebreaks are installed. The first should be close to the patient e.g. at the interface to a nasal cannula with a very short or no extension tubing. The second should be placed close to the source of supply. • Instructions for use

What quantities are available and can I get a different amount?

Firesafe™ Cannula Valves are available in boxes of 100 units, which comprise 5 bags of 20 in each box. Only multiples of 100 are available, part number 827-2001×100. *Please note that bags of 20 are marked with part number 827-2001×20 but these cannot be purchased from BPR Medical.

Do Firesafe™ devices affect the oxygen flow rate?

The Firesafe™ Cannula Valve and Firesafe™ Nozzle have been carefully designed to minimise resistance to the flow of oxygen. Considering the worst case – an oxygen concentrator with a non-backpressure compensated flowmeter calibrated at atmospheric pressure. If two Firesafe™ valves were installed in series, at an oxygen flow of 5 l/min, the actual oxygen flow … Read more

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