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Firesafe Oxygen Administration Kit

Firesafe Oxygen Administration Kit

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Developed in consultation with hospices across the UK, our Firesafe Oxygen Administration Kits include tubing (in a variety of different lengths), mask or cannula, built-in firebreaks and connectors.

The kits are pre-assembled for easy fitting by a nurse or carer and ensure that hospices and care homes meet their requirement to fit firebreaks on all concentrators and maximise the safety of patients, staff, and other residents by fitting them on all installations.

  • Enables hospices/ care homes to easily adopt firebreaks
  • Can reduce the risk of patient death, limit the extent of injuries and reduce risk to other patients, staff and property
  • Pre-assembled all-in-one kit for simple fitting
Part Number Length of Tubing Firesafe Cannula Valves Per Kit
827-0100 5 metres 2
827-0103 2 metres 2
827-0105 10 metres 2
827-0107 5 metres 1
827-0109 2 metres 1
827-0111 10 metres 1

*Choose the ‘1 firesafe cannula valve per kit’ option if you already have Firesafe™ Nozzles with piped oxygen. All other set ups should use the ‘2 per kit’ option.

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Sold in boxes of 20

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