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Domicilliary Oxygen Switch

Domicilliary Oxygen Switch

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A key risk in all home oxygen therapy installations relates to trips and falls for both patients, carers and visitors due to the lengths of oxygen tubing around the home from oxygen source to the patient.

The BPR Domicilliary Oxygen Switch has been designed to simplify the installation of semi-permanent piped home oxygen systems, with the oxygen tubing being attached to walls or skirting boards, out of the main areas of movement.

  • Controls the flow of oxygen (normally from an oxygen concentrator) directing it to any room in the patients home
  • Large easy grip handle and secure tube connections make it simple and safe to use
  • Each switch can be individually configured during installation to suit the number and type of rooms served
  • Available in packs of 10

Only available in UK.

Gas compatibility Oxygen, oxygen enriched air
Inlet pressure Upto 200kPa (29 psi)
Maximum flow 20 l/min
Tube bore 5mm


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