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Will the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve fit directly to standard oxygen delivery tube? 

It is important to use the preferred connectors when assembling the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve into an oxygen delivery circuit.  The international standard (ISO 13544-2 – Respiratory Therapy Tubing and Connectors) prescribes exact dimensions for the barb connector on ‘male’ oxygen therapy connectors. The corresponding ‘female’ flexible connectors (or ‘trumpet connectors’) have been designed by patient circuit manufacturers to properly fit this barb size. This standard was driven by concern over misconnection and disconnection of circuits delivering a variety of drugs to patients, including medical gases such as oxygen. It is important that the standards defined by ISO 13544-2 are consistently applied to reduce the potential for misconnection and disconnection problems.
A typical oxygen delivery circuit might include a 3m extension hose with trumpet connectors at each end (e.g. Salter Labs Pt# 2010-10-50), connected from the oxygen source to the upstream connector of the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve. The downstream connector of the Firesafe™ Cannula valve is connected to a 30 cm Cannula Valve with trumpet connector (e.g. Salter Labs Pt# E1600-1-50).
The Instructions for Use for the Firesafe™ Cannula Valve (Doc# 702-0040) also provide additional information and clear illustrations on the preferred method of connecting the device to a patient circuit.

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