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Reducing NHS anaesthetic gas emissions: BPR Medical and Medclair announce collaboration

Gas control specialists BPR Medical and Medclair, a leading Sweden-based specialist in safe nitrous oxide use, have agreed to share technology and product information to help the NHS achieve its aim of reducing nitrous oxide emissions by 75 per cent, part of its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent within the next seven to eleven years and achieve ‘net zero’ by 2040. 

Anaesthetic gases used in surgery and for pain relief have a high carbon footprint. Nitrous oxide – used by 50-75 per cent of women in labour and widely in other departments in the UK – has a global warming potential 298 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2). According to the Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service report, published in 2020, the capture and destruction of the gas could reduce NHS anaesthetic emissions by over a third and save an estimated 90 kilotonnes CO2 equivalent (ktC02e) per year if implemented by 132 Hospital Trusts. 

The report refers to nitrous oxide destruction technology supplied by Medclair, which has been deployed routinely in Sweden for the past 16 years. The aim of the collaboration between BPR Medical, manufacturer of the Ultraflow demand valve, which includes the option of a gas scavenging system, and Medclair, which specialises in safe nitrous oxide management, is to extend the use of systems to capture and destroy the gas to prevent environmental emissions. 

Mikael König, President and CEO of Medclair, said: “The NHS has the most developed nitrous oxide programme in the world and has recognised its duty to safeguard the environment from its harmful effects. The initiative to reduce these emissions also brings significant benefits to the safety and wellbeing of healthcare professionals who are regularly exposed to gas in the work environment. 

“Our collaboration with BPR Medical, leading experts in inhaled analgesia systems, is an important step in extending the use of nitrous oxide management systems in the UK.” 

Richard Radford, Managing Director of BPR Medical, said: “Our primary focus has always been delivering the safest and most efficient pain relief to patients using our demand valves. Like Medclair though, we are also concerned about the environmental impact of nitrous oxide and the potential harm of prolonged exposure to the gas by midwives and other hospital staff. That’s why we are keen to work with Medclair to support the NHS in achieving its ‘net zero’ goal.”

Sources: Delivering a ‘Net Zero’ National Health Service, 2020

For further information please contact:

Mikael König, CEO, Medclair Invest AB (publ), Tel: 070-486 17 98, e-mail: mikael.konig@medclair.se

Colin Hallmark, BPR Medical, Tel: +44 207 736 1888

About Medclair

By developing climate-smart products and solutions, our vision is to provide environment-friendly, cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for pain relief with nitrous oxide, thereby facilitating increased usage of nitrous oxide in the healthcare sector in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Our state-of-the-art technology has resulted in destruction systems that can be centrally installed to facilitate many treatment rooms or installed on a mobile unit. Both the larger CDU (Central Destruction Unit), and the MDU (Mobile Destruction Unit) purifies above 99 per cent of the nitrous oxide entering the unit. This facilitates a healthy work environment for healthcare professionals and a minimal impact on the external environment.


About BPR Medical

Since 1990, BPR Medical has been an international leader in the design and manufacture of medical gas therapy solutions. The company has a reputation for innovation, quality, integrity and value is built on successfully providing market-leading products to the NHS and other healthcare providers in the UK and abroad. 

In 2012, BPR Medical was honoured with the Queen’s Award for Innovation for its Firesafe™ product range.


BPR Medical
Our collaboration with BPR Medical, leading experts in inhaled analgesia systems, is an important step in extending the use of nitrous oxide management systems in the UK.”

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