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    Our innovative range of FiresafeTM, Dialflow, Microflow and Nitric products (which you may know by the former Carnet name) are designed to maximise performance and enhance patient safety. From 2017, you can specify them direct from us.

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    As one of the world's leading medical gas design engineering companies, we create innovative, high-quality, trusted and flexibly designed products that help people enjoy a better quality of life. Explore our full range of products.

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    Our medical gas therapy products are designed with a deep understanding of the demanding needs of the hospital patients, nurses, midwives, paramedics and medical engineers who use them every day. Explore our hospital products.

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    BPR Medical's products make life more comfortable for people in both domestic and care homes. We provide precision-made, industry-leading equipment, along with a vast array of support and training. Explore our home products.

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    firesafe - making oxygen therapy safer for everyone

    Firesafe devices are fire safety valves for use during oxygen therapy. Each device contains a thermal fuse that is activated by an approaching fire. They limit the impact of an oxygen fire by extinguishing an oxygen delivery tube fire and stopping the flow of oyxgen if the tube is accidentally ignited.

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Every day our gas therapy products are used in hospitals and homes to save and improve the lives of thousands of people. From supporting newborn babies to making life more comfortable for the elderly needing respiratory support, our products are trusted to deliver time and time again.


Our reputation and the reputation of our customers depend on the reliability of our products, so when it comes to design and manufacture we are proud perfectionists – focusing on user-centered design, rigorous production standards and stringent quality tests.


We are passionate about improving patient care throughout the World and we look forward to working with you to achieve this.


 Firesafe™ Cannula Valve now licensed in Japan

  BPR Medical Ltd 1.00pm Tuesday 7th November 2017

 Up to 160,000 home oxygen patients in Japan now have access to the protection offered by BPR Medical’s Firesafe™ cannula valve. After a concerted effort with in partnership with our distributor in Japan,Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, marketing authorisation for the bidirectional Firesafe™ cannula valve as a Class II device in Japan has been achieved.

The licence to market Firesafe™ in Japan is an important step forward in ensuring oxygen patients across the globe are afforded the same protection from fire as those in other countries where they are fitted as standard.

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