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Do Firesafe™ devices affect the oxygen flow rate?

The Firesafe™ Cannula Valve and Firesafe™ Nozzle have been carefully designed to minimise resistance to the flow of oxygen. Considering the worst case – an oxygen concentrator with a non-backpressure compensated flowmeter calibrated at atmospheric pressure. If two Firesafe™ valves were installed in series, at an oxygen flow of 5 l/min, the actual oxygen flow … Read more

How many Firesafe™ devices can be fitted into an oxygen circuit?

Where an oxygen concentrator is being used, it is recommended to install a Firesafe™ Nozzle at the interface between with the concentrator oxygen outlet and the oxygen tubing to isolate the oxygen supply at source in the event of a fire. A Firesafe™ Cannula Valve should then be installed close to patient, normally at a position … Read more

How does a Firesafe valve work?

The Firesafe™ Cannula Valve/Firesafe™ Nozzle comprises a spring loaded valve probe contained within a moulded housing. In normal condition the valve is held open by means of a T‐bar arrangement on the valve probe at the downstream end that sits on a fusible ledge. The valve is actuated when the fusible ledge softens as a … Read more

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