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Research & Development

BPR takes an innovative approach to research and development, creating groundbreaking medical gas therapy products that meet the demands of customers around the world. 


Our commitment to designing world-class solutions is built on excellence at every stage, with a team of highly experienced engineers working on new designs all the time. 


At the heart of our research and development capability is an understanding of the needs of those who use our products every day. The quality of patient lives depends on the efficacy and reliability of our products and so we visit hospitals and care homes, talking to patients, medical professionals and distributors to shape products that are safer, smarter, more user friendly and better performing. 


We also actively embrace cutting-edge technologies to enhance our products, whether that’s to develop more intelligent oxygen delivery, reduce the risk of fires or optimise gas cylinder use.


A flexible, considered approach to design means our products can be developed with precision, speed and cost-effectiveness, while never failing to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.