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Nitrous Oxide Cracking Technology

Nitrous Oxide Cracking Technology

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The Medclair Mobile Destruction Unit (MDU) is an innovative solution which collects residual nitrous oxide from exhaled air and subsequently destroys the gas.

How it Works

  • The exhaled breath containing nitrous oxide is collected via the Ultraflow analgesic demand valve into the MDU.
  • A catalytic process in the reactor breaks down nitrous oxide (N2O) at high reaction temperatures into oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2).
  • The hot purified air is led into the heat exchanger, where the heat is recycled to warm up the incoming exhaled air.
  • The cooled harmless purified air is released into the atmosphere.
  • An integrated control system monitors the process and can be read remotely via a web interface.
  • The reaction that converts N2O to O2 and N2 is virtually self-sustaining. Once at operating temperature, there is almost no power required to maintain the reaction temperature.

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