Cluster headache sufferer finds relief on European Awareness Day


A cluster headache sufferer from Lancashire is now the grateful recipient of a brand new oxygen demand valve, thanks to OUCH, the organisation for the understanding of the condition.


Colin Allen from OUCH contacted us on Sunday 21st March - European Cluster Headache Awareness Day - about a patient who was unable to get a new demand valve on prescription after his stopped working. His financial situation meant he was unable to afford to pay for a new one privately.


We were, of course, happy to oblige and new demand valve was despatched.


“We are very grateful to BPR Medical,” said Colin, vice chair of OUCH. “Ultra-high flow oxygen therapy is a lifeline to many patients, who without it can suffer physically, but also mentally. We continue to campaign for all NHS regions to recognise the enormous benefits of the therapy and demand valves.”


For more information on oxygen for cluster headache visit: