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Microdial Flowmeter – Barb Outlet Range A

The Microdial flowmeter delivers incredibly accurate and repeatable micro step changes in oxygen flow. These steps enable the smoothest transition to air when weaning infants from dependency to oxygen therapy.

The Microdial flowmeter features a built-in precision regulator which enables a consistent flow of oxygen, irrespective of varying supply pressure.

  • Oxygen flow range as 0.02 to 3 l/min
  • Supply pressure independent
  • 40 micron pre-filter
  • 5 micron fine filter assures permanent accuracy
  • Repeatable microflow control

Lifespan: 12 years
Service interval: 2 years

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Specifications & Downloads

Part NumberInlet ConnectorFlow RangeOutlet Connector
816-0001BS 5682A 0.02-3L p/mTubing Barb
816-0032DISSA 0.02-3L p/mTubing Barb
816-0022Mini AGA (Nordica)A 0.02-3L p/mTubing Barb

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