Home oxygen fires in England led to only one death between 2013 and 2017, our Freedom of Information request to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) has revealed.

We asked 212 CCGs in England how many incidents and fatalities involving home oxygen they had recorded for each year over the five-year period. Nearly three-quarters (73%) responded to the request, with only one fatality reported, in the Yorkshire and Humberside region in November 2013.


During this period a total of 63 non-fatal incidents were recorded. When the results are extrapolated to cover the full home oxygen patient population in England and Wales (81,000), the results would be 89 incidents and 1.4 deaths – a significantly lower rate than any previous study in the UK or elsewhere.


The data, published in our White Paper ‘Home Oxygen Fire Prevalence in England (2013-17)’, reveals that there are almost twenty times more home oxygen fatalities in the US - and ten times more in Japan - compared with England.

During the same five-year period in the US, the number of fatalities involving home oxygen fires, when adjusted to reflect the equivalent patient population, was 27. In Japan, it was 14.


The full White Paper report and infographic can be downloaded from www.firebreaks.info/uk