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Home care

Improving the lives of domestic and care home users

Our medical gas therapy products help thousands of people lead fuller and more comfortable lives in their community, reducing the need for hospital care.


Everything we do has the user in mind and we are always concerned with questions such as how do we make our products more robust, easier to use and safer? We work closely with health services, private care homes and users, gaining an in-depth understanding of how products are used both in and out of the home.


This informed approach has led BPR to create some of the most respected and trusted products on the market, including our revolutionary Firesafe™ range, which dramatically cuts the risk of oxygen-related fires in the home.


Our products are supported by a wealth of training and online tutorials, and we work in partnership with medical engineers and installers to ensure users get the most out of our products.  


Use the menu to search for hospital-specific products or visit our main product page to see our full ranges.